Vaping is a highly personalized hobby, that’s the reason for so many flavors and devices! The small differences make a huge difference in devices, juices, and combinations of. There are many considerations so let’s dive in!

The first and most important items are how much nicotine you need as well as how long you have smoked for. I will illustrate a few examples and you can estimate from there. Once you have determined your nicotine level you will be able to pair that with a device designed for it.

-Pack a day smoker for under 10 years. Freebase 6- 12 mg in a sub ohm device.
-Pack a day smoker for more than 10 years. Salt nicotine in a pod style device at 10- 50 mg.
-Light or casual smoker. Freebase 3- 6 mg in a sub ohm device. (please note these are guidelines based on our many years of experience,but individual experiences may vary)
-Just vaping? We stock all flavors in 0mg and strongly recommend you avoidnicotine entirely if you are not a current or former smoker.

Freebase nicotine.
This is where it all started. It has more throat hit and is available in lower nicotine concentrations that range from nothing at all up to 18mg/ ml. Most popular and best for flavor.

Salt nicotine.
Ranges from 10- 59 mg/ml. Not meant for flavor, although they do taste good and we have a huge menu available. Best for long time smokers.

Pod style device.
These have grown in popularity lately. While the flavor is not on par with larger devices, they are convenient to use. Generally used for higher nicotine and less cloud production. Smok Novo, Nord, Aspire AIO, Stlth, Juul, Breeze.

Sub ohm devices.
Best for enjoying flavor. Most of our ejuice is available in strengths of 0, 3 and 6mg, with select brands going up to 12 and 18 mg, and is intended for these types of vaporizors. Drag 2, Drag Mini, Aegis Legend, Ijoy Shogun, Aegis Mini etc.

Mech mods.
These are absolutely useless. Regulated mods can provide as much or more power and are much safer and simpler to use! Mechanical mods are antiquated technology,and they are the one item that we do know has made vaping harmful due to explosion. If you do have one and do not know what OHM’S LAW is, please cease using it now. Just simply trust us on this, there is no benefit to using a mech!

Best vape choice for nicotine – pod system with 10- 50mg nicotine. Most commonly used
are between 20- 30 mg juices.

Best choice for enjoying vapor – RDA or mesh coil tank with a dual 18650 mod- Voopoo Drag mod,
Fireluke Mesh tank, Dead Rabbit RDA etc with 0, 3 or 6mg juice.

Best all around choice for beginners – any of our pen style vapes such as D19, Smok Prince Stick etc or a full kit with a built in battery- Drag Mini kit, Aegis Legend mini kit, Coolfire Zenith kit etc with a 0, 3 or 6mg juice.

Last note on eliquids. The PG/VG ratio needs to suit your device. 70/30 is most common and will run, as a general rule of thumb, in larger devices that have coils lower than 1.0 ohm, ie 0.2, 0.5, 0.6 etc. We also stock Gold Seal Ejuice in a 50/50 blend and this is typically intended for devices over 1.0 ohm.

That’s it! If you want more info please come in and speak with any of our vape consultants in one of our two Saskatoon locations!

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