Kuro Coil Wrapper


Kuro Coil Builder  (Set of 3)

Get the perfect coil every time with the Kuro Concepts Coil Wrapper. With all the available sizes you can built to any configuration you prefer even with wrapped or parallel coils.

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CW-20   Makes 2mm coils

CW-25   Makes 2.6mm coils

CW-30   Makes 3mm coils

NOTE: The coiler winds the coils with the loops touching each other. This can initially give wrong resistance values without first burning in the coil. Care must be taken when first firing the device with a new coil. Carefully pulse the device to bring temperature up slowly so you do not create a “hot leg” and melt the coil. Rake the coils slightly in between pulsing to improve the break in process. Pre burning or oxidizing the wire before making the coil may also help.

Caution: Keep out of reach of small children. Use at your own risk.


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